You care about young people’s emotional wellbeing: Keep the Trust

Welcome to the landing page for Keep the Trust and a big thank you for responding to a message from one of the team or one of our friends. We will be adding pages and blog posts, so please favourite or bookmark us and keep coming back. We hope you’re here because you want to tell us about young people’s mental health…….

Tell us! Link here for the survey

A bit of background

Check out what happened in Innovation Labs where a large group of young people and less young people co-produced the specifications for seven digital resources that will enhance young people’s mental health. Our team sixteen25 is developing Keep the Trust; we are: Yvonne, Katie, Nico, Lydia, Jonathon.

This is the essential tool that every professional in a youth-related service should have bookmarked or favourited on their desktop, tablet and phone. Keep the Trust is aimed at non-mental health professionals working closely with young people who have emerging or existent mental health difficulties. The target group includes home tutors, sports coaches, youth and community workers, classroom assistants, scout leaders, as well as parents and carers and many more.

The idea is that the worker will have quick and easy access to small snack sized bits of information about a wide range of mental health issues for young people. For example they could choose whether to do an interactive quiz, read a short illustrated case scenario, follow a decision tree, or print off a checklist. The “snacks” will be easy to find and linked to other snacks of interest. Those who are interested in going deeper into issues will be directed to free e-learning and other more detailed resources.

Don’t forget the survey – it’s not long, but it is important and we want to hear from you.


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