Hi. My name is Yvonne. I am the founder of sixteen25, a social enterprise that supports young people to get involved in decision making and helps them become more employable.   sixteen25 started work in 2010 and was formally incorporated as a non profit business in 2012.

It started small and worked alongside my private company, Cernis Limited, which I 
set up in 2008. Last year Cernis ran a national project called Innovation Labs.

Following that sixteen25 was awarded two contracts to create digital media and resources for the benefit of young people.


Mind Of My Own is being developed as an app to provide self-advocacy for young people leaving care, helping them speak their mind, give positive and negative feedback and be fully involved in their care meetings.

MOMO is funded by a grant from Nominet Trust.

Funded-by-CR-logo_shadow (3)

 Keep the Trust is aimed at professionals who work with young people, to help them understand mental health and emotional well being from a young person’s perspective and to skill up on ways to help. (Keep the Trust is the working title and is likely to change very soon.)

Keep the Trust is funded by a grant from Comic Relief. 

Interested in finding out more? Check here

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