Assumptions closer to home

We had our latest team meeting in the brilliant East Street Arts Centre, Leeds, to plan the paper prototyping.

Turns out that between us we had a few different versions of what we’re doing!

I take responsibility for most of the misunderstanding, as I know I am still making the same assumption that I always have, which goes roughly like this:

I understand perfectly and I have explained to others. Therefore we all now have a shared understanding.

Well no actually.

Luckily it wasn’t long before we realised we were talking at cross purposes. And we sorted it. But it made me think about how Lean method runs counter to the way most of us have been conditioned to think.

We have been trained to build products and services based on need. Lean says go out and find out what people want then build that.

We are accustomed to trying all sorts of publicity and dissemination to convince people to use our products and services. Lean says build the product that solves the person’s problem and they will want it enough to pay for it.(Find the killer headache, make the magic pill.)

We have been praised for being completer-finishers, having attention to detail and creating beautiful, fully formed products. Lean says make the minimum viable product and just get it out there. Keep testing. Iterate.

Having worked through these tensions we reached agreement (I think) and went on to create our paper prototype, which was very demanding, rewarding and tiring.

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  1. Keep the Trust has been re-named Well Informed

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